Bathmate Penis Enlarger

Bathmate is a very basic yet extremely effective penis enlarger that is quite simple to use. Regarded as the top rated and most famous Penis pump device in the world for the past five years or so. The idea of this penis enlarger is achieve a longer, thicker penis that can happen in matter of just a few weeks, which is due to the very innovative design mechanism behind of the Bathmate penis pump enlarger.

Essentially, the Bathmate penis pump is a male sex pump that is water based, that is designed for using when you take a bath or shower. So the total usage time in one session is for around 10-20 minutes. Its aim is to enhance the overall hardness of your penis while also extending the length and girth. How it works is the while you take a shower or bath, you insert your penis into the water-filled cylinder, then instead of relying on a hand pumping to create air pressure you simply press the Bathmate in the direction of your torso that will create the water pressure needed to be effective in just a few seconds.

This results in increased of blood flow that goes straight to your penis after the water-based pressurization is reached and in actual fact, you get an air-tight vacuum within that cylinder that will grip the penis and allow it to expand. This will enable the person to achieve very hard erections along with a measurable increase in overall length of usually 2 inches over a set period of time. It makes having a shower or taking a bath a whole more fun too!

What is great about the Bathmate is that it comes in 4 standard sizes, including Hercules Bathmate, HydroMax x30, HydroMax x40 and Goliath Bathmate. They are backed up with a 90 day money back guarantee which means you don't have much to lose if it doesn't work for you. This is very unlikely as you'll find a gain of an inch usually within this refund period.

The key benefits of using a Bathmate penis enlarger:

  • Add up to 1 inch in girth or circumference of your penis which is done the expansion of your penis smooth muscle after each time you use it. A lot of women say that girth is more important that overall length and would chose a thicker penis over a long skinny one.
  • An increase in your sexual stamina in bed along with increased penis hardness. As you are training with this device, you will improve through the exercising your of penis vascular system which is the key to elite sexual performance in the bedroom.
  • Increase in length - This penis enlarger offers you an extra 2 inches in total length.
  • Rock hard erections are achievable more consistently by training your penis with the Bathmate.

The Bathmate penis enlarger also has other great benefits too. It keeps in good shape while preventing the dreaded Erectile Dysfunction. Also at the same time will provide you with new found self-confidence level for the bedroom that you have always dreamed about having!

You can browse the Bathmate NZ product range at our online store to see which product model is right for you today.