Fetish Sex Toys

Whenever the word 'fetish' is referred to in a sexual context, it opens up to a whole range of sexy toys that individuals and couples could use for their sexual needs. But the usual sex toy market doesn't have a great deal of fetish toys. If you take a look at our online store, you can see we've have sourced some of the world’s most searched-after fetish sex toys and products for customers.

As mentioned earlier, the term fetish is broad and contains a diverse and wide range of products. So, if you them all into one single category is almost impossible. In general, fetishes are un-common, especially the individual types. However, fetishes between couples are more common than others. For instance, BDSM, (Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism).

Bondage Fetishes

Bondage fetishes usually involve one partner who will be bound, often by chords or handcuffs or by other means, to an object such as bed or chair so that they cannot move freely while the other partner performs moves on them. Our most popular bondage toys include handcuffs, gags and bed bindings.

Domination Fetishes

Domination, on the other hand, is a type of sexual activity where one partner takes up a very dominant role, often demanding their partner do certain act to please them. Unlike bondage sexual act, domination can be performed by both partner involved. It's found to be completely natural for both partners to be dominating. They take their turn to take up the dominant role. Like Sadism, great toys to use for dominating include whips, blindfolds and full fetish kits.

Sadism Fetishes

Sadism is another type of fetish in which one partner usually receives the pleasure from the suffering of the other, whether it is emotional or physical suffering. Most popular items include whips, paddles and ticklers.

Masochism Fetishes

Masochism is just the opposite of Sadism, in which one partner is physically and sexually stimulated by receiving some sort of suffering, whether physical or emotional. Alternatively, these two fetishes can also be combined into a single fetish, which is also known as sado-masochism, where both partners can receive pleasure and suffering at the same time. Ideal toys to use for this is wax, nipple stimulators and shock therapy kits.

So, you see, when it comes to fetish sexy toys and products, the list could go on because there are several sexual activities involved. As with any other adult sex toys you will find in the market, fetish sexy toys must be handled with care. Why? Well, because many fetish sex toys are not only dangerous, but if you are not careful handling them, it could also cause you injury, especially if you use them incorrectly.

Here’s a good safety tip you can follow while performing any form of sexual activity along with Fetish sex toys. (BDSM as discussed earlier). Establish some form of signal or safe word you could utter to inform your partner that you both need to calm down the action for a while.

When simple rules and guidelines are set in place before getting involved in any form of sexual act with fetish sex toys, you and your partner becomes safe as you both know exactly when to pull back when the action gets heated and know never to cross each other boundaries that could lead to injuries.

With these safety tip in mind, you can go on and check out some of our most popular fetish toys along with full fetish kits that are listed in our main fetish product categories. We are sure that there’s one for your type and be sure you read all the great reviews.