For a lot of single guys (or any guy for that matter) that wants a really good fake vagina ready any time you need it for making masturbation a bit more exciting, then the Fleshlight is the sex toy you must check out. It's also great training tool if you are looking to develop more stamina in real sexual activity.

What is exactly is a Fleshlight sex toy?

In simple terms, a Fleshlight is actually a vagina sex toy that is shaped on the outside like a real Flashlight (so you can keep it discreet and conceal it easily (without anybody thinking twice about exactly what it is if they stumble across in your wardrobe) while on the inside it has a velvet or silicone type of insertion sleeve that is virtually the same feel or texture as a real human skin or vagina.

The Fleshlight closely resembles the velvet internal texture of a woman's vagina, and, with the correct lubrication, you'd be mistaken for thinking you are actually having real sex. If you are watching pornography while using this sex toy then you'd enhance the full effect even more and so it does actually feel like it's for real.

The Fleshlight is available in five skin colour shades (being Pink, Mocha, Chocolate, Lavender, and transparent or Ice). It's available as the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU), as well as mouth and butt shapes molded at the entry for extra fantasy options.

The Fleshlight Girls

The flesh light is also available in a special series models called the 'Fleshlight Girls' which consist of sleeves that have been moulded from the actual bodies of the world's best and most popular porn star actress such as Stoya, Jenna Haze and Tori Black. The sleeves are made from the exact moulds of the pornstar's vulva, mouth, or anus.

Using the Fleshlight

For best effect, the gel/silicone insert ( or the vagina) is place in warm to hot water before using, (so that its feels like real body temperature). This usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes. When it has warmed up you put the Vagina sleeve back into the Fleshlight plastic cylinder with plenty of lubrication for your penis, along with the entrance of the entry point and the within the canal.

The next steps are pretty straight forward where you penetrate the sex toy no different to penetrating a real woman. When you are done you just simply take out the insert out of the external plastic casing and then pour hot water through it to remove all your semen. Towel dry or air dry and then put it back into the canister. You can also restore the silky feel using cornstarch.

Fleshlight Material

The Fleshlight skin is referred to by the makers as "Real Feel Superskin" and is believed to be consisting of medical and food grade, phthalate-free polymers. In actual fact, the material used forms an elastomeric gel with exact composition being a carefully guarded US patented secret owned by the Fleshlight.

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