Male Sex Toys

Men can very straightforward in what they want. They know the things that they like and enjoy. Hence, they pleasure themselves or ease their intimate tensions and frustrations by simply using male sex toys. Virtually each male sex toy is created in order to enable them to achieve this goal. However, some of the male sex toys are specially designed to help them in heightening their pleasure and even sexual confidence.

If you are a man and new to the world of sex toys, you are probably missing out if you do not know the various types of male sex toys along with their uses. Fortunately, we've helped you out here with the detailed explanations about each of the main male sex toys and how you can use them to enhance your sexual experience.

1. Cock ring

You can't go through life without never experiencing sex using a cock ring. You attach it around the base of your scrotum or penis in order to trap blood inside your penis. It helps you to get a hard erection even into the most stiffest breeze. We have good quality cock rings right here on our store which is a better alternative than Viagra as its less risky on the health of your heart.

2. Penis pump

A penis pump, which is also referred to as a male sex pump, aims to enhance the hardness and length as well as the girth of your penis. You place your penis in a cylinder that is attached to a hand pump in order to achieve rock hard erections and a gradual increase in length. You will cause additional blood to flow to your penis when you apply the pumping action and in effect, you will achieve a vacuum in this cylinder. Some penis pumps also have multispeed vibrators that are built in and hence, they usually lead to more quickly achievable erections along with very pleasurable sensations.

3. Vagina Sleeves

For masturbatory pleasures that also consist of a penis pump, which can also fall under the category of male masturbators, a male sex aid consists of a penis sleeve with a nodule and pattern on the inside for the provision of different sensations. This aid can be either a penis tube, which also consists of different inner sleeves that can vibrate, open or single ended, a realistic feeling anus and vagina, and an oral sex stimulator. At the moment the Fleshlight toy is considered the best on the market in the vagina toy range and a top seller worldwide. You can check out the Fleshlight range at our online store.

4. Sex Dolls

Sex dolls that feature a maximum of three different tight and succulent love holes are nowadays very popular. You can employ a sex doll for fun threesome sexual activities with your partner or simply use it as a male masturbator.

5. Pocket Rocket

This is slightly more than an extremely small vibrator. It is for clitoral stimulation and not for penetration. If you consider yourself more adventurous, you can also whirl it on the glans of the penis.

6. P- Spot Dildos

The prostate is among the most sensitive areas of your body that you can stimulate in order to provide a lot of sexual pleasure. It is near your rectum and you can greatly arouse yourself when you stimulate it. You should therefore stimulate your prostate gland by using male sex toys that are specifically designed for this purpose such as the P-Spot Dildo.