Sex Toys - Buyers Guide

In recent times adult sex toys have expanded into many different categories compared to earlier times of the standard dildo and vibrators mainly catering for women's pleasure. The sex toys industry is now a billion dollar industry that caters for people of all sexual preferences and status. So it doesn't matter if you're single, married, gay, bisexual or straight you are guaranteed to find something in a sex toy that is going to suit to your taste, anatomy and your required level of stimulation and pleasure to your satisfy your sexual urges any time you need it.

In general the main categories of sex toys are:

  • Penetration (dildo, metal balls, strap-ons and sex-machines)
  • Anal toys (anal beads, butt plugs and prostate massagers)
  • Glass sex toys (made from medical grade or 'hard glass' called borosilicate glass)
  • Vibrators (sub-types include vaginal, anal and G-spot stimulators. Included wands and rabbit vibrators which include rotating heads and thrust action settings)
  • Nipple toys (such as clamps or suction cup devices)
  • Penile toys (types included plastic based vaginas or referred to 'pocket pussies' latest popular models include the best-selling Fleshlight. Penile toys also include cock rings, docking sleeves and harnesses)

Best sex toys for women

When it comes to best sex toys for women, there is quite a huge selection of brands and models to choose from. At the moment there is toy for everything a women feel like pleasuring from toys for into nipples, vagina, anal, G-spots or clitorises you'll find a best seller in every category. These days vibrators are usually the popular choice for women. Also the best vibrator sex toys are those that have been ergonomically shaped for stimulating the vagina in the most sensitive areas such as the G-spot and clitorises to really have a multi-orgasmic experience. They also usually have multiple vibrating speed levels too which allows you to control the pace of how fast your climax. At the moment one the best of the best vibrators include the Lelo Mona 2 Massager which is a best seller on large online retail stores.

Best sex toys for men

Penile toys for men are proving very popular in recent times, with the one of the best rated vagina emulator toys being the Fleshlight. Being a penis sleeve that is shaped like a vagina, it's made from a unique silicone formula called Cyberskin that has the same feel as a real vagina (even the front entry is moulded from very famous porn star actresses), with extra enhanced internally lined ribbing that provide extra pleasurable sensations that wraps around the penis. Other best selling toys include the prostate massager type which is becoming more popular as straight men are becoming less inhibited about anal play. Models include the Rude Boy and the Aneros series.

Best sex toys for couples

Based on sex surveys conducted in the United States, nearly 41% of couples (based on hetrosexual couples) have reported that they use a vibrator as part of their foreplay prior to actual sex. This also includes 37% of women and men actually using a sex toy during sexual intercourse. Most of the toys used are vibrators for clitoral stimulation as well as penis enhancers such as cock rings which keep the man harder for longer.

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