Vibrator Sex Toys - Buyers Guide

Sex toy vibrators are very popular choice among women for providing high and intense sexual pleasure as well as release of tension and stress. Vibrators can be are highly specific in their design so they can stimulate via ergonomics for reaching the erogenous zones that provide intense erotic stimulation.

Vibrators have actually been around for centuries with the very first being the 'Tremoussoir' in 1734. Perhaps the biggest boom in the need for vibrator sex toys production happened in the 1980's with a more mainstream exposure to the public via the launch of video pornography and in particular women becoming more liberated (and less inhibited) about their exploring their sexuality.

In the late 1990's saw a new wave of popularity and interest amongst women rabbit vibrator shooting to fame on the famous Sex and the City TV series where one of the characters on the show becomes obsessed with the 'rabbit' that has a revolving head that provides extra erotic pleasure to standard vibrators.

In fact vibrators sex toys are actually are very powerful tool that are used in sex therapists worldwide for women who have a lot of trouble achieving orgasm during sex or even by themselves through masturbation. Vibrators are also a great way to enhance foreplay or sex amongst couples (either gay, bi or straight couples).

Recent times has seen vibrators extend to cater for men with the design of vibrators that can stimulate the prostate for extra pleasure and more intense orgasms. There is a wide range of vibrators but most of them fall into several broad categories.

Different types of vibrator sex toys:

  • Clitoral: these are often referred or sold as "back massagers", which are very powerful and some of the best sellers including the Hitachi Magic Wand or the AcuVibe
  • Dildo: this are generally shaped a like a penis and are usually made of plastic material or silicone and rubber.
  • Waterproof vibrators: this basically means for use in the shower. The waterproof vibrators are used with a lubricant, that is silicone-based which is suited to water exposure. These vibrators will have a longer life span if they are looked after by drying after every use and batteries are placed outside the vibrator when not in use.
  • Rabbit vibrators: which is a dual or two-pronged for pleasuring the vagina as the clitoris at the same. The normal materials used for Rabbit vibrators are silicone, jelly or latex and they come in a diverse range of sizes, shapes and colours.
  • G-spot vibrator: is very similar to the traditional vibrator but has a curve with a very soft jelly-type of coating. The curved shaping allow the user to easily stimulate the g-spot or in the case of men - the prostate. In addition, many users of this type of vibrators report a more intense sensation during the stimulation of the G-spot or prostate including during orgasm.
  • Egg-shaped vibrators: are used for stimulating the clitoris or even inserting right into the vagina. Also referred to as the love egg, this happens to have a bullet shape which can come in very small range of sizes. Usually this means a size of no more than 3 inches long and ¾ inches wide.
  • The Alarm Clock: basically a vibrator combined with a clock that is placed or worn against the genitals which is set to go off - usually first thing in the morning.
  • Pocket rockets: as the name suggests, this type of mini-vibrator is shaped like a cylinder or a small flashlight, with one end shaped with a bulge that has the vibrator. Designed specifically to stimulate the nipples or clitoris, it's not really used for inserting into the vagina.
  • Anal vibrators: are designed for anal use and have a base that is flared at the base and has a long handle to grip on and to stop it from going up inside and getting stuck up the rectum. Anal vibrators are available in various shapes but in are very popular in butt plugs vibrator range.
  • Butterfly: this vibrator is specifically named after its shape, which is strapped around the legs and waist for stimulating the clitoris hands free during sex. It's available in 3 different types which is : traditional, remote control, and can have both anal vagina stimulators.
  • Cock ring: these are typically cordless that is attached to a cock ring, usually for stimulation of the clitoris during sex.
  • Undercover: these types are designed for discreetness with it shape or look to replicate as an everyday household item, which typically includes lipstick tubes, cell phones.
  • Dual: As the name implies, these are vibrators that are made for simultaneous stimulation of erogenous zones (usually clitoral and vaginal) A very good example is the best-selling Sybian.
  • Triple: like dual area vibrators, they are designed for up to 3 erogenous zones. In women this means for the vagina, clitoris and anal area. For men it means stimulating the scrotum anus and perineum.
  • Multispeed: the vibrator's pulsing or massaging movements occur can be control via the use of pressing buttons a number of times that regulates the speed up or down during the time its being used.

There is a wide range of brands to choose from in the above categories for vibrators which you can check out in our product range which we review and supply in the very best in quality.